Running slow, crashing or hanging computer

These symptoms can be attributed to many different causes. Often some additional memory and a cleanup will resolve these issues. There may be an underlying problem with the hard drive, motherboard or PSU (Power Supply Unit).

Causes and solutions to computer crashes, computer hanging and slow computers

The symptoms mention above can often be associated with many different faulty components and software problems.

Computer running slow

Some reasons for a computer to run slow include viruses and spyware, Faulty or deteriorating hard drive, lack of hard drive space (its advisable to use no more than 70% of your hard drive space. Insufficient amount of RAM memory. A problem with your software set up and or registry. There are more possible causes but most instances of a slow computer fit into these categories. Some of the possible causes are quick and easy to check and should be some of the first things to look for are a lack of RAM or hard drive space. This information can be accessed from "my computer" and selecting your hard drive and viewing the instant properties. With memory. you can go to the system properties which are accessed in the control panel. A typical hard drive replacement ranges from £50-£90 and takes approximately 24hours. Memory. upgrades range from £20-£80 and typically can be done in about half an hour.

Computer Crashing

Very similar causes to the previous section "computers running slow" and all of the causes apply to computer crashes. There are some additional possible suspects here though including faulty PSU (power supply unit) faulty motherboard, sometimes referred to as (main board or logic board), or a software problem. Mostly PC crashes are associated with hardware failure and often a process of swapping out suspected faulty devices is the best way to diagnose and repair these type of problems.

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